Bacon and Bourbon 2021


Bacon and Bourbon Cancelled for 2021


We are so sad to report that we cannot host our traditional Bacon and Bourbon event in 2021.  Our restaurant partners are struggling and COVID continues to spike and wane in unpredictable ways.  The event cannot operate in a manner that places guests, chefs, distillers, and staff at risk. Once COVID is under control, our food and beverage partners will need time to rebuild their businesses and stabilize their staffing. It will be a long time before festivals and events are part of their business model.


So we will begin processing refunds to those diehard guests who have been hanging onto their tickets in hopes of better news.  For our part, we are planning to partner with a few of our larger restaurants in 2021 to offer small Bourbon Dinners featuring prized bourbons from our rare bourbon collection.  Everyone in our ticket database will receive information on those dates as soon as we confirm them.


We hope your family remains safe and healthy through the pandemic, we offer the highest praise to essential workers and teachers and we hope other small businesses like ours find a way forward.

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